Lenten Forms of Prayer Series, 2020

The Forms of Prayer program will be during Coffee Hour following the 10:00 a.m. liturgy. The program begins on the First Sunday of Lent, which is March 1, and concludes on Palm Sunday, April 5. After a brief 20 minute presentation, those who want to pray the featured prayer will be invited to the practicing portion of the experience.

This prayer program is based on the book, Kneeling with Giants by Gary Neal Hansen. His guide to prayer is rooted in centuries of
Christian tradition. Here are the prayer practices we will highlight during the offering: John Calvin’s Praying the Psalms, Martin
Luther’s Way of The Lord’s Prayer, The Jesus Prayer, Ho'oponopono Healing Prayer, Ignatian Prayer —The Prayer of the Senses,

Contemplative Prayer — Cloud of Unknowing, Puritans’ Meditation Through Writing Prayer Practice, Praying the Book of Common
Prayer, Saint Benedict — The Divine Office, and Reiki — Agnes Sanford’s Healing Prayer in Word and Action.

Check out the videos of the presentations below!

Download our workbook here to follow along with your own thoughts and reflections.

Week 1 - Praying the Psalms & Meditation in Writing

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