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We are a loving, open community of Christians.   We have members, young and old, actively participating in worship and in our ministries.   We have many activities throughout the year for our congregation from social outings to outreach opportunities.  

We welcome you to explore our ministries.  Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions, or you may contact the Parish Life Ministry Leaders. 



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New Music at St. Brendan's

Over the next few months we will be introducing some new hymns from the Wonder Love and
Praise hymnal, which is a supplement to the Episcopal Church 1982 hymnal. This hymnal was commissioned in 1994 and published in 1997 to meet changing musical styles and tastes and the evolving visions of the mission of the church. The
authors wanted to create a supplement to the 1982 hymnal that offers: an expanding vocabulary through the use of inclusive language that welcomes all to the table, a musical simplicity that encourages participation, and, finally, a breadth of musical styles from many cultures. The final creation is an eclectic collection of hymns and spiritual songs that will help all communities to respect the dignity of every person through its sung prayer by embodying the vision of Christ to love and to serve.

The final comments of the authors are as follows: “The title ‘Wonder, Love, and Praise’ is taken from the final phrase of the Charles Wesley text ‘Love divine, all love excelling.’ By choosing these words we hoped to convey our desire to leave behind the current debates about taste and style, go beyond expressions of musical unity, and affirm the need of every Christian to praise God in song.” Please feel free to provide feedback on your thoughts and feelings as we explore these new music options.

The first song we will be introducing from Wonder, Love, and Praise will be the post-Communion hymn “As We Gather at Your Table.“ This text articulates the meaning of the Eucharist and sacramental theology with breathtaking clarity. The driving message is our movement towards the encounter with the Divine and the promise of transformation that it holds, and then using the energy from the transformation to take the good news into the world. Stanza one (verse one) speaks of the community gathered for the nourishment of word and sacrament; stanza two prays for grace to use that nourishment in the kingdom, and stanza three begins to move out into mission and ministry.

As We Gather at Your Table
As we gather at your table, as we listen to your word, help us know, O God, your presence;
let our hearts and minds be stirred. Nourish us with sacred story till we claim it as our own; teach us through this holy banquet how to make love’s vict’ry known.
Turn our worship into witness in the sacrament of life; send us forth to love and serve you,
bringing peace where there is strife. Give us, Christ, your great compassion to forgive as you forgave; may we still behold your image in the world you died to save.
Gracious Spirit, help us summon other guests to share that feast where triumphant love will welcome those who had been last and least. There no more will envy bind us nor will pride our peace destroy, as we join with saints and angels to repeat the sounding joy.

This Month's Book Club:

City of Thieves

by David Benioff

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Youth Program is Back!

St. Brendan’s new youth program – or rather reestablished program – will begin on Monday, November 6th at 6 pm.

The program will follow the Rite 13 curriculum but will be slightly modified to fit our time schedule.

The program will meet every 1st and 3rd Monday of each month from 6 to 7:15 pm. All youth from 6th grade through 9th grade are invited to join the program. The group will be led by Allison Kline and Jim Taylor with occasional special visitors or presenters.

The purpose of the Youth Group is to deepen one’s relationship with Jesus through the study of scripture, through discussions of modern life lived with faith, and by exploring one’s call to service.

We are looking forward to a dynamic year with a wonderful group of young people.

For more information, please contact Allison or visit our Children & Youth page.

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