Our Thanks and Prayers to Our
Healthcare Workers and First Responders:

Lord, please bless and care for all healthcare workers and first responders. Grant them wisdom, knowledge, skill and compassion so that they may be instruments of Your healing power for those they serve and care for. Give them strength and support. May they be able to do their work in a spirit of love and kindness and mercy. Keep them safe and well as they make personal sacrifices on behalf of Your community. Amen.

Dear Friends of St. Brendan’s,

St. Brendan’s Episcopal Church would like to thank and request your prayers for the following parishioners and friends or family of parishioners. Each is a medical professional or an emergency first responder who is helping people cope with the Coronavirus outbreak. They are using their skills and risking their own well-being by tending to those whose health has been threatened.

We are grateful for their selfless dedication and ask that God watch over them, keep them safe and give them both strength and rest. We hope that you will join the church in thanking and praying for:

Kimberly B.
Maddie B.
Kate B.
Frank C.

Brenna C.
Bob C.
Adele C.
James C.
Laura Dugan D.
Nicholas D.
Andrea D.
Rebecca D.
Franklin Park Police Department
Franklin Park Volunteer Fire Department
Amanda G.
Jeff G.
Shelley G.
Betsy G.
Lynne G.
Beth Lutz H.
Eric H.
Kerri J.

John J. and his staff at Urgent Care
Luke O.
Kim P.
Becca S.
Warren S.
Andrew S.
Justin Z.
Dr. Ken


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