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St. Brendan's Episcopal Church - Scholarships

The scholarship program was launched in 1996 with a generous gift by late parishioner Dorsey Doddroe. Grants are not based on financial need or academic performance, but on the level of a student's involvement at church. Since the program's inception, 62 grants have helped 26 St. Brendan's students. Last year, three students received grants of $300 each. Although the scholarship fund has no dedicated fundraiser, parishioners can help sustain it through occasional contributions in the Sunday church plate or at the church office. For more information, contact Tom Waseleski.


The church provides scholarships of equal value to young adults in the parish who are enrolled in full-time, accredited, post-secondary education.  Students qualify prior to high school graduation by demonstrating regular church attendance, participation and service at St. Brendan’s.  Renewal applicants must stay in touch with the congregation through, at least, one note to the parish during the school year.   



Scholarship Applications for the 2018-19 School Year are due in the Office by

April 30,  2018.

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