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Fundraising for St. Brendan's

Let’s get St. Brendan’s free money while shopping on line.

It's simple, all you do is...

1. In your browser, search: Amazon Smile

2. Sign in to Amazon Smile just like Amazon (email and password). (Create one, if you are new).

3. After signing in, you will go to a screen where you select a Charitable Organization. Type in St. Brendan's and scroll to find St. Brendan's Episcopal Church Sewickley, PA 

4. Click on St. B's as your organization to get a 0.5% donation on every order placed.

(You only identify the organization initially, not every time you shop).

Please tell Family Friends, Co-Workers, Neighbors, etc. to think of St. Brendan's when they are shopping on Amazon by going to Amazon Smile.

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