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Services at St. Brendan's

Weekly Services


Sundays, 8:00 am and 10:00 am

On Sunday, we have two different services featuring the Rite II Eucharistic liturgy. The 8:00 am service is a quiet service conducted in St. Brendan's intimate chapel during the cooler months and, weather permitting, in our outdoor chapel during the summer months.  The 10:00 a.m. service is a family-friendly celebration with music. Childcare for infants through age three is available in the Nursery.  Children in Kindergarten through 5th grade begin the service with their families and are invited to Sunday school after the opening hymn and prayer. They return for communion with their families.

Children's Liturgy:

The fourth Sunday of each month between September and May is a children’s liturgy when children are encouraged to participate and sing in the service. The 10 am service is followed by a social hour with coffee and baked goods. 

Wednesdays, 5:00 pm

St. Brendan's also offers a Eucharist service the first three Wednesdays of every month. On the fourth Wednesday, we offer a Taize/Evening Prayer with communion service in the chapel. This is a quiet, candlelit service with meditation time included. Times vary between 5:00 and 6:00 depending on the season. Times are announced in the Navigator.


Holy Communion

We celebrate Holy Communion on Sunday at 8:00 am and 10:00 am - and also on Wednesday evenings.  All Baptized persons are welcome to receive Communion.  If you feel more comfortable with a blessing, you may cross your arms over your chest at the Communion rail. 

*gluten-free communion wafers are available upon request. 

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Baptism regularly takes place within the context of the Sunday Holy Eucharist

celebration. We believe that the person being baptized and welcomed into

the Christian community, no matter how young or how old that person may

be, needs the love and support of that community of faith. All of us together

promise that we will love and support the one being baptized as that person

joins us in our journey of faith.  Arrangements for baptism can be made by

calling the office several weeks prior to the desired date for the baptism to

take place.


Funerals take place as the occasion arises. Upon the death of a loved one, the family should call the church as soon as possible to make arrangements for the service. The priest will then meet with the family to discuss the service. The parish administrator can provide a booklet that outlines key choices that the family of the bereaved will be asked to make. It includes a form on which a parishioner can make her or his wishes known in advance. The form is then kept on file in the church office and can be very helpful to the family when the time comes for those wishes to be carried out.

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St. Brendan's welcomes all couples, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, to celebrate marriage. Weddings should be scheduled six to nine months prior to the intended date. The couple will need to meet with the priest several times prior to the wedding to converse about the ceremony itself, the meaning of marriage, and other pertinent theological and practical issues. The couple will also need to meet with the Altar Guild and the music director to discuss other details of the wedding ceremony.  Arrangements for your wedding can be made by calling the office and speaking to both the parish administrator and the priest.


Pastoral Care

A group of Lay Eucharistic Visitors take Holy Communion to our sick and shut-ins after the 10:00 Service each Sunday. If you would like communion to be brought to you or a loved one, please contact the parish administrator.


St. Brendan’s also offers other services to parishioners and friends in times of illness and stress. Meals can be arranged; altar flowers can be delivered to the sick or housebound; notes and greeting cards can be mailed or emails sent; and intercessory prayers can be offered at worship services and by individual parishioners.


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