Clergy & Vestry

Clergy & Vestry

Meet our Priest-in-Charge: The Rev. Regis J. Smolko


Rev. Regis Smolko joined St. Brendan's family as an intern in the Spring of 2016 while he was completing his ordination in the Episcopal Church. He took on the official role of Priest-in-Charge in early summer of 2017. Since then, Fr. Regis and his husband Ken have become integral parts of St. Brendan's. A former Catholic priest and teacher, Fr. Regis brings with him a life-long call to serve and minister to the people around him. 

Read more about Fr. Regis here and listen to sermons here.


Clergy Schedule:


Sundays: 7:30 am - 1:30 pm

Mondays: 9 am - 6 pm

Tuesdays: 9 am - 6 pm

Wednesdays: 6pm - 8pm

Meet our Children and Youth Ministries Coordinator:

The Rev. Dr. Julie Smith


Rev. Julie Smith first came to St. Brendan's in the Spring of 2019 while she was completing her ordination in the Episcopal Church. She and her wife Colette quickly became part of St. Brendan's family. In August 2019, St. Brendan's hired Rev. Julie to coordinate our children and youth ministries. Rev. Julie also fills in for Rev. Regis when he is away or unavailable. When not at St. Brendan's Rev. Julie is a college history professor

Read more about Rev. Julie here.

Clergy Schedule

Fridays: 10:30 am - 3:30 pm

Meet St. Brendan’s Latest Clergy Addition:

The Rev. Deacon Darrell Johnson


Rev. Darrell Johnson was ordained on May 8, 2021 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Mt. Lebanon by the Rt. Rev. Dorsey McConnell as a vocational deacon.  Rev. Darrell will continue to support the various ministries at St. Brendan’s and has clergy responsibility for our weekly Evening Prayer and Taize services on Wednesdays.  In addition, Rev. Darrell will serve as liturgical deacon for Sunday worship services and preach on a rotational basis.  Rev. Darrell has been a member of St. Brendan’s since 2015, underwent the parish discernment process as postulant and candidate prior to ordination.  He completed his seminary studies at the Stephenson School for Ministry in the Episcopal Diocese of Central PA where he serves on the school’s Spiritual Formation Committee.  Rev. Darrell is married to Tash Zukowski, his partner of 33 years.

Read more about Rev. Darrell here.

St. Brendan's Staff


Parish Administrator:  Katie Cervone

Katie manages the church office and assists the priest-in-charge and the vestry members with administrative and other duties related to keeping our organization running smoothly.


Music Director: Daniel May

Daniel coordinates the liturgical music at St. Brendan's and ensures that our services are blessed with beautiful music.


Nursery Manager: N/A

Our Nursery Manager oversees the nursery during our 10:00 a.m. service, keeping our tiniest and youngest Brendanites occupied so that parents are free to worship more fully.

St. Brendan's Vestry


St. Brendan’s vestry is comprised of nine members, elected by the congregation, who serve staggered three-year terms. The vestry provides administrative and financial oversight and hires the necessary parish staff, including the priest. Each year the vestry selects a senior warden from its ranks who is the primary elected lay leader of the parish and presides at vestry meetings. The vestry also elects a junior warden, who sees to the maintenance of the church’s grounds and building.


Senior Warden:

Tim Austin (until Jan. 2020) - Newcomers, Inreach


Junior Warden:

Janice Moore (until Jan. 2022) 

Vestry Members:

Donna Aiello (until Jan. 2023) - Outreach, Inreach, Newcomers, Worship

Mary Bertucci (until Jan. 2023) - Finance, Children & Youth

Cameron Grosh (until Jan. 2023) - Worship

Ron Ladick (until Jan. 2024) - Adult Formation, Safety & Security

Lauren Ramakrishna (until Jan. 2024) - Secretary/Clerk, Communication, Children & Youth

Sean Sweeney (until Jan. 2024) - AV and Technology, Communication

Larry Toler (until Jan. 2022) - Fundraising, Stewardship

Treasurer: Ellen Groves

Assistant Treasurer: Roger Botti