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St. Brendan's Episcopal Church  - Space Rental

Rent Our Space!

St. Brendan's has quality space available for celebrations or regular classroom use at reasonable rates.


For more information, please click here to email Marilyn Mulvihill.


  • Entrance area is large (20′ X 34′), open and light– great to greet guests.  Entrance at ground level.

  • Sanctuary seats 150 people– suitable for music recitals, drama, weddings, worship services.

  • Social Hall (32′ X 34′) with attached kitchen, seats 80 (but holds over 100) for events, parties, showers, receptions, etc.  and has a raised stage.

  • Parking lot, paved with 70 parking spaces. 

  • All rooms accessible, either on ground level or by elevator.

  • Chapel, seats 30, for smaller services.

  • Classrooms downstairs, all light and carpeted or tiled, all with tables and chairs available.

  • Music Room (25′ X 30′) with piano; tables and chairs available.

  • Large lounge room (37′ X 16′) with handprint decorative paint on the walls.

  • Rotunda (20′ diameter) with carpet.  Used as a central gathering area for classrooms.

  • Play area, outside, climbing toys and adjacent basketball court.

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