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Brendan's Family And Friends Fund

The Brendan’s Family and Friends (BFF) fund was begun in 2017 to commemorate St. Brendan's 30th birthday and cover future unbudgeted building expenses which can divert precious funds from mission, youth and


Such expenses are an ongoing reality with our 36-year-old building, but they shouldn't hinder us from being a Christian community or meeting the needs of those around us. Since its inception, the BFF fund has become a regular way for many to remember loved ones and honor special occasions such as births, anniversaries, marriages, etc. Amazingly, more than $84,000 has been generously donated to BFF since it began in 2017, and these funds have been used for the following building-related purposes:

  • Reconstruction of the social hall sound system

  • Purchase of sanctuary AV equipment including screen, camera, cart, accessories

  • Install of wireless transmitter to enable wireless video recordings

  • Purchase of kitchen items - shelving, microwave, flatware, knives, etc.

  • Install of solar reduction film on windows in social hall

  • Install of handrails in the sanctuary

  • Install of security film on all glass doors and some windows

  • Replacement of two air conditioning units

  • Acoustic tile treatment of the social hall 

  • Upgrades to recording and sound equipment for live-streaming

  • Purchase of camera, laptop and a keyboard

  • Elevator repair

  • Purchase of playground equipment

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To become a supporter of BFF, you can donate online via the button above (just select BFF fund in the donation form) or complete a BFF donation card and return it via the collection plate or church office. You can click the donation card below to download a copy or look for one in the narthex. We will be honored to feature your thoughtful donation in BFF announcements in the Little Log and bulletin if you wish.


Your gift is a way to say that you want our church to continue to make a difference. Thanks for your support and for standing beside St. Brendan's.

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