Discernment Updates

March 22, 2022

For those of you who might have missed the announcement during this Sunday’s service, the Vestry is thrilled to inform the parishioners of St. Brendan’s that we have called upon the Rev. Robin Jarrell to become our new Priest-in-Charge.


Mother Robin has nearly 20 years of experience as an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church, and has spent the last 13 years as Priest-in-Charge at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in Sunbury, PA. Her passion for social justice and her enthusiasm for all of St. Brendan’s ministries and programs are among the many reasons that we are overjoyed to have her join the St. Brendan’s family for the next chapter in our journey.


Mtr. Robin will celebrate her first Sunday as our Priest-in-Charge on May 1, 2022.

To watch Mtr. Robin’s introduction message to St. Brendan’s, please follow this link: https://youtu.be/pjz2to-th6A


We thank you all for your continued faith and support through this process. We know that many of you will have questions over the next few weeks, and we encourage you to reach out to any member(s) of the Vestry to discuss them.




Cameron Grosh, Senior Warden

December 14, 2021

Dear Fellow Brendanites,

Just over a week ago, we marked with a reflective liturgy and with a festive party the pending conclusion of Fr. Regis’ ministry at St. Brendan’s. Regis’ last service as priest-in-charge will be on December 26, for which we are planning Lessons and Carols for Christmastide (with Holy Eucharist but without a sermon). 


Now is also the appropriate time, then, to begin looking ahead to January and beyond. The Discernment Committee recently informed the Vestry that it is already actively interviewing short-listed candidates for the position of priest-in-charge—and we continue to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and a successful outcome to that process. Nevertheless, it is clear that an interim period will intervene
between Regis’ retirement and the beginning of his successor’s tenure.

I am therefore delighted to announce today that Rev. Dr. Bill Pugliese has accepted our invitation to return to St. Brendan’s as our priest during that interim. For many of you, I know, I need to explain my use of the verb return. The brief History of St. Brendan’s that appears on our Web site recounts the growth of the parish during its first two decades and then continues as follows:

In 2008, [the then-rector, Rev. Catherine A. (Cat) Munz] accepted a new call. By the end of the year, the Rev. Dr. William Pugliese joined St. Brendan’s as interim rector. Bill’s friendly guidance and solid leadership kept us on track, attracting new families and maintaining our focus on our mission. He saw us through our 25th Anniversary, through the new Bishop Transition and eventual call for a new Permanent Rector. Fr. Bill celebrated his last service on September 29, 2013, and ... Fr. Scott Russell joined us on November 3, 2013. 


After completing his term as Interim Priest, Fr. Bill did not lose touch with St. Brendan’s. He served as a supply priest for us on occasion, and he and his wife Arlena attended the 10:00 a.m. Eucharist on many other pre-COVID Sundays. Fr. Bill was also a “regular” at the monthly Men’s Breakfast gatherings. More recently, he tells me, he has tuned in to some of our live-streamed liturgies. 

I believe that Fr. Bill will help us to navigate the coming weeks calmly and successfully. He will lead our worship at 8:00 and 10:00 on Sundays, hold a few “office hours” each week for those who wish to speak with a priest, and handle any pastoral emergencies that may arise during his tenure. (We will circulate more detailed information regarding his availability very early in the New Year.)


In closing, may I offer you my best wishes for Advent and reaffirm my trust that the Holy Spirit continues to guide St. Brendan’s forward.


Yours in Christ,

Tim Austin




August 21, 2021

Dear Fellow Brendanites,


In a recent issue of The Little Log, I thanked all those who participated in our ongoing parish discernment process by completing and returning the Parish Survey questionnaire distributed by our Discernment Committee. The total of 67 responses received was strikingly good and reflects Brendanites' interest in our shared mission as the Body of Christ in Franklin Park.


Today, I am delighted to be able to attach a careful and comprehensive report from the Discernment Committee. It presents the aggregate data from the survey and offers some basic analysis of those data. I applaud the Committee for its quick and thorough work and for the very readable format of their document.

Click here to see the survey results.


For those interested in "next steps," the Committee is currently working to build on the information we all provided and thus develop effective responses to the key "narrative" questions in the Community Ministry Portfolio (CMP). Ultimately, the CMP serves as the self-characterization of St. Brendan's that we release for priests thinking of applying to become our new priest-in-charge. If all goes well, the Vestry will review the Committee's draft of the CMPat its September 13 meeting. We will of course keep you posted as this process moves along that pathway.


Please continue to hold the Committee and the Vestry in your prayers in the coming weeks.


Tim Austin

Senior Warden


July 23, 2021


Dear Fellow Brendanites:


The Discernment Committee's first major task is to complete the narrative piece of the Community Ministry Portfolio.  In order to do justice to this endeavor, we need your voice in our discernment process.  The attached survey will assist us in the self-study component of the process, which is based on three questions:     


Who have we been?     

Who are we now?     

Who is God calling us to be?


Please complete the attached Google survey by Monday, August 9.  There will also be paper copies in the Narthex for those who prefer to participate on hard copies.


Here is the survey link:      https://forms.gle/VYtTZavJePEzWYDXA


Thank you for your much needed and appreciated participation.


Allison, Annemarie, Kevin, Mike, Pat, Tammy, and Tony


July 21, 2021

Dear Fellow Brendanites,

Amazingly, it has been four months since I first wrote to you about the discernment process that will lead us to call a new priest-in-charge later this year. This letter will update you on the progress that has been made and look ahead a little into the future.

Recent Progress
A lot has happened since March.

• We selected and commissioned our Discernment Committee.

• The Committee began work on its initial task: to learn about St. Brendan’s self- understanding today and about its members’ hopes for the future.

• Meanwhile, together with members of our staff, I embarked on collecting some numerical data that will complement the Committee’s all-important narrative contributions to a document called the Community Ministry Portfolio (or CMP—a comprehensive source of information about our parish for potential applicants).

The Vestry has asked the Discernment Committee to follow a schedule in which they will devote the remainder of the summer to completing work on the CMP, submitting it to the Vestry somewhere around Labor Day. Once the Vestry approves it, the Committee can begin recruiting
suitable applicants. 

As I explained in my March 17 letter, the pool of candidates for appointment for any open clergy position these days is far less robust than some of us recall from previous decades—so I am trying to “manage expectations” in that regard.

Several people have asked whether Rev. Julie Smith—currently our Children and Youth Ministry Coordinator—will be eligible to apply for the position. The simple answer is, “Yes, she will.” I understand that Julie has some friends and colleagues helping her to discern where the
Holy Spirit may be calling her at this stage in her ministry. Like other potential applicants, she will also be waiting to read our CMP and consider whether the vision that it presents is a good match with her sense of her own future. If Julie does submit her name, her candidacy will be considered alongside those of other applicants.

Later Steps
Please understand that, as with the bishop search that just concluded, this is not a popular election in which each of us individually casts a vote. The key decisions are instead made by two representative bodies.

• The Discernment Committee reviews the applications and makes a recommendation to the Vestry.
• The Vestry then considers the Committee’s recommendation and, through the Senior Warden, authorizes the call to a new priest-in-charge.


At the same time (and also as with the bishop search), there will be opportunities for you to contribute your views about the parish’s strengths, the opportunities it should embrace for growth and the characteristics you believe we should seek out in our next priest-in-charge. I urge you to seize those opportunities to make your voice heard.

Thank you for your engagement with this critical process for our parish. I will post this letter, along with any further updates, to our Discernment Updates Web page (https://www.stbrendans.org/discernment-updates). There is also a separate document with answers to a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the discernment process. To find it, simply click on the big blue FAQ box in the top right-hand corner of the Discernment Updates page; this will trigger the download of a Word document for you to review.


Yours in Christ,
Tim Austin
Timothy R. Austin
Senior Warden


May 20, 2021


St. Brendan’s Discernment Process: Committee Named


St. Brendan’s is embarking on a discernment process that will lead in due course to the calling of a new
priest-in-charge to succeed Fr. Regis. The critical first step towards that goal is the creation of a
Discernment Committee. Its seven members will be

  • Allison Kline (Chair)

  • Kevin Boyd

  • Pat Carl

  • Annemarie Malbon

  • Tammy Spoonhoward

  • Tony Turo

  • Mike Wick

The Vestry is grateful to each of these Brendanites for agreeing to serve, as well as to a number of others who carefully and prayerfully considered our invitation but felt they had to decline for various reasons.


The Discernment Committee will begin work as soon as possible, meeting with Tim Austin and Canon Kim Karashin to clarify their charge and plan their strategy for the work that lies ahead. They will communicate regularly about their activities in the coming weeks and will depend on the engagement and active participation of us all to complete their work. The Discernment Committee does not exist do the work for us; instead they lead us all in a collective effort to understand ourselves and the Holy Spirit’s call to us at this time.


Please keep the Committee in your prayers.


March 17, 2021


Dear Fellow Brendanites,

As many of you have already learned, Fr. Regis has made the decision to retire as our priest-in-charge as of December 31. He had initially considered stepping down sometime in August, but the addition of a few months will both enable us to complete a robust discernment process to determine who to call as his successor and allow sufficient time for saying goodbye to him and to Ken as the transition takes place.

I am writing today to provide brief answers to some questions you may have regarding what this means for St. Brendan’s. You will have more questions in the weeks to come, I am sure, but it will be helpful for us all if we have a shared general understanding at the outset about what lies ahead. In this letter, I draw on conversations I have had with Bishop McConnell and with Canon Kim Karashin, the member of his staff who works with parishes negotiating transitions like ours. I have also learned a lot from a book that Canon Karashin recommended: On the Emmaus Road: A Guide for Transitions in Ordained Leadership by Mary Brennan Thorpe.

In the Preface to her book, Rev. Thorpe writes of such transitions, “What’s the goal? Here’s what it is not: hiring a priest. […] You’re seeking God’s will for your parish in the next chapter of its story and discerning what spiritual leader will help you write that chapter.” In the coming months, we will be working together—each of us in her or his or their own way—to hear and heed the urgings of the Holy Spirit. If this seems to you a little scary, you’re right. We don’t know where the Spirit may lead us, who we may meet along the road, how the process itself may affect us individually and collectively. But we do trust that God will accompany us on our journey and that the path we follow will bring us to the destination He already has in mind for us.

In the Episcopal Church, the responsibility and privilege of calling a priest resides with the Vestry. The Vestry can—and usually does—delegate some of the work to others, but the decision is still theirs to make. Naturally, the Bishop must also approve their recommendation, but the surest way for the parish to ensure that this step is straightforward is for the Vestry to keep him informed throughout the process.[1] Canon Karashin will be serving as our point of contact—indeed, she already met with the Vestry at its meeting on March 8.

The transition process has two major phases, each of which involves discernment. Our first task will be to develop a deep and clear understanding of St. Brendan’s—its history, to be sure, but more importantly its current identity and the directions in which we believe we are being called. Every member of our parish has a role to play in guaranteeing that this discernment is rich and robust, so you can expect to be prompted to contribute in some way to that conversation. That initial round of discernment then serves as the foundation for a second, in which we consider those individuals who have expressed an interest in serving as our spiritual leader and listen for the Spirit’s guidance in determining whom we should call.

I don’t want to get “down in the weeds” in this letter. But it is important for us all to understand at the outset that, at this stage in its history, St. Brendan’s is not in a position to call a “rector.” As Fr. Regis explained recently in The Little Log, a rector is a full-time priest whose Letter of Agreement has no set end-date. St. Brendan’s cannot afford a full-time salary and is still financially dependent on the Diocese for financial support. We will therefore be seeking to call a “priest-in-charge” who will work on a roughly half-time basis and whose appointment will run only for a limited term (probably three years). This will inevitably limit the pool of candidates we can expect to attract; they will probably already live within commuting distance and may have other ministries or lay careers.

You will be glad to hear that the Vestry has already begun its work, by learning more about the transition process and by reflecting on who might best lead us as we begin our discernment process. I hope to be able to update you on our progress in just a few weeks. Now and throughout the first phase, communication will be key to ensuring that we move forward smoothly and effectively, so we will be using all available means to stay in contact with you (snail mail letters like this one, The Little Log, our Web site, social media, and announcements at the appropriate point in our liturgies). Later in the year, by contrast, we will all need to exercise more patience, as the need to respect candidate confidentiality limits the flow of information.

I began this letter by conceding that it would probably raise as many questions as it answered. Please feel free to direct your questions to me at austover@gmail.com or 508-688-9554. Fr. Regis will continue to serve us as our spiritual leader in the coming months (with all his usual energy and enthusiasm, I have no doubt!). But as Rev. Thorpe writes in her book, the current priest “[does] not have a role in the selection of [his or her successor.]” It would simply be unfair to Fr. Regis to seek to involve him in the mechanics of the transition.

Thank you for your patience in reading this lengthy letter. We certainly have a busy year ahead of us: reopening for in-person worship (God willing!), electing a bishop, and transitioning to a new priest-in-charge makes for “a very full plate.” I ask your prayers for Fr. Regis, for the Vestry and for all who will be playing roles in this transition.

Yours in Christ,

Tim Austin

Timothy R. Austin


[1] Rather unusually, it is quite likely that three “bishops” will be involved at some stage in our transition process: initially Bishop McConnell, then the Standing Committee which acts for the diocese if there is a gap between the departure of one bishop and the arrival of the next, and finally the bishop whom the diocese will elect this summer.