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Happy One-Year Blogiversary

There is a lot to celebrate this week! This past Sunday, we celebrated Pentecost (which is also considered the birthday of the Church) and St. Brendan’s 31st birthday.

And the celebration doesn’t stop there, it is also this blog’s (liturgucal) one-year blogiversary. (They may not make Hallmark cards for that yet, but it’s totally a thing). This blog started last year, with the very first post about Pentecost! Since then, we’ve shared 38 blog posts (an average of 3 per month) about all sorts of topics, including celebrating liturgical holidays, insight into St. Brendan’s ministries, and information about other interesting church/Episcopal topics.

In celebration of one year of blogging here are a few posts worth another visit.

Check out the very first blog post on Pentecost and read a bit more about why and how people celebrate!

Also, check out this post about St. Brendan’s history, shared last fall for our big 30th Birthday Bash.

Why did this blog get started in the first place? Read this blog post.

And the most popular post by far was this interview with Fr. Regis.

The blog also featured also several guest posts by fellow Brendanites Darell, Rev. Rodge Wood, and Rev. Bill Pugliese, as well a few by my mother, Dr. Elizabeth Struthers Malbon. Not to mention the numerous other people who helped contribute to other blog posts.

Some of my favorite posts were part of the Lenten mini-series on “Ways to Pray”:

And of course, we had several posts about the many wonderful ministries taking place at St. Brendan’s, including this post about one of our newer ministries, ESL Conversation Friends, and this post about one of our long-time ministries, Meals for Myriam’s.

Let us know what your favorite post was in the comments!

On a personal note, I (Annemarie) have learned a lot about blogging and about St. Brendan’s in this past year. For one, blog posts take much longer to write than they do to read! But it is time well spent. I have learned so much about St. Brendan’s in the conversations and emails I have had with fellow Brendanites and other contributors. Thanks to all of you who have helped make this blog possible. And, remember, I always welcome your suggestions for future blog posts.

Grace and peace,


A member of St. Brendan's since 2014, I enjoy being a part of this welcoming and giving community of faith. However, I am not a theologian, biblical scholar, or official spokesperson for The Episcopal Church. If you read anything on this blog that is inaccurate or contrary to the teachings of The Episcopal Church, please consider it my error and let me know! If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for future blog posts, please email me at

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