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Speaker Series

The Speaker Series is back at St. Brendan’s. The Coronavirus is making us think of things a little differently so we are moving the first presentation to an online format using ZOOM.


Michael Waseleski will present a series on Reconstruction, “AFTER THE CIVIL WAR; AMERICA’S FAILURE TO MAKE BLACK LIVES MATTER”. The event will be available on 2 consecutive evenings - August 13th and 14th at 7:00 PM. This presentation will challenge what we know about slavery and expand our understanding of its legacy in the United States. St. Brendan’s has made a commitment to support the Black Lives Matter movement and to that end we want to make this series available at no charge.

If you want to participate send us an email and let us know. Please include the email address you want to use to log into Zoom. We will send you the ZOOM link along with instructions including an explanation of how to submit questions during the event so it will be more interactive. Although there is no formal charge for this great opportunity all donations will be graciously accepted and appreciated. Click here to donate.

This is a new learning experience for us from a technical point of view and the content of the presentation. Maybe it is for you as well. Let’s move forward together to grow personally and support the efforts of St. Brendan’s at the same time.

You can re-watch the lecture here: Night 1 and Night 2


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